GAME OF THRONES – Season Six (2016)

Game of Thrones: Season Six has my favorite episode of all the seasons to date. The one I am referring to is the final episode of the season wherein Cersei finally has her revenge on the Sparrows as she blows away the Sept using the same explosives that Tyrion used to overpower Stannis. The scene unfolds in the backdrop of an operatic background score that is as melancholic as it is soothing. The scene unfolds at a leisurely pace and in a manner that will haunt you long after it is over. The repercussions of the actions of Cersei are seen almost immediately and they are just as heartbreaking as they are shocking.

Jon Snow is brought back from the dead by Melisandre and after hanging the perpetrators who conspired to kill him, he decides to leave the night’s watch. It is right then that Sansa arrives at Castle Black. Ramsay gets his hands on Rickon and keeps him for later use. Jon tries to rally forces to attack and take back Winterfell as Sansa confines in Littlefinger to have him send the Knights of the Vale to aid Jon. The dynamics here results in the battle of Winterfell which is yet another high point of this season.

Apart from being stunningly shot and choreographed, this battle sequence introduces a third point perspective of a major character swaying through the battle that I haven’t seen much of before. The action follows Jon Snow in the midst of the battle as he jumps from one frying pan to the other. The last bit where he is nearly buried under his own men was something extraordinary. I could feel the rush.

Khaleesi, as I love to call her, ends up in Dothraki control once again. This time thanks to her favorite Drogon but once again walks out of trouble thanks to her fireproof skin and some really good luck. Interestingly, her captors become a valued addition to her already quite a formidable army. Once back, she also has the assistance of Theon Greyjoy and her sister Yara who have only recently been overthrown by their uncle who by the way has plans of his own. These bits may seem trivial but I believe they are all valued additions to what is building up to be a three way battle for the throne between Cersei, Jon Snow and the Khaleesi.

Bran Stark in the company of the three eyed raven starts having visions that take him to the youth and childhood of his father. These visions unravel the past of two men. While we get to see in one tragic and heart wrenching sequence how Hodor, came to be a man who utters only one word we also get hazy references to the fact that Jon Snow may not be a bastard after all. Bran in his adventure also meets Ned Stark’s brother who was the first Ranger and who was not heard from for a while.

Last but not the least, Arya Stark is shaping into something greater and stranger than anything that we have seen throughout the series. Being a disciple of the temple of the many faced god, she metamorphs into a character that is as unforgiving as it is relentless. She has made a list of her to be victims and she strikes off another important name from that list when she murders Walder Frey, the man who orchestrated the “red wedding”. She is one of the most badass characters in the series and she continues to be so episode after episode.

One of my favorite guys to hate in the series was Ramsay Bolton and he meets a terrifying end here. But I have to admit that I wanted him to suffer a lot more than what he finally had to endure. This scene also gives us a glimpse into the animal side of Jon Snow who is almost in the mood to pummel Ramsay with his bare fists but a look at Sansa standing at a distance makes him aware that she deserves the retribution much more than him. Sansa goes on to extract her revenge and when she is walking away from the scene where the dogs are feasting on a tied Ramsay, she gives a hint of a smile which may just be her best act in the whole series.

My favorite character of the season Tyrion Lannister becomes the hand of the queen. I couldn’t have been happier for him. However, he becomes that after much struggle and escaping a few near death scuffles. What I loved about Dinklage’s act throughout the series is that it never dips in energy. He has come a long way from his self in the first season and with every passing episode he has grown as the character and has come full circle. It will now be interesting to see what becomes of him in the next season.

Lena Headey is getting better and better with every season. Just look out for her in the season’s finale. That episode becomes what it is thanks to her expressions and the calmness that she brings to the mayhem that she orchestrates. This is a superb and unparalleled act from her which will be difficult to top. I also noticed the changes in her wardrobe from season one to season six. The change of the colors reflects the change of the nature of the character. She is all black now without any children and only has her unquenchable thirst for macabre to satisfy.

The next season should be interesting as it would pit the three primary contenders of the Iron Throne against one another. That will only be a part of the fun as the biggest threat to the world of men, of which we got a little taste of here and there, is on its way.

Rating : 4/5 (4 out of 5 Stars)


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