If Kingsman: The Secret Service was crazy and over the top, Kingsman: The Golden Circle takes it a few notches up in terms of everything. It is hands down one of the most outrageous mainstream Hollywood films of the year and a very good one at that. I loved it to the core because of the sheer entertainment that it provides. I loved it because of the humor. I loved it because of the swagger that almost every character of it has and last but not the least, I loved it because of the terrific and innovative action sequences that it brings to the table.

Poppy (Julianne Moore) is a drug lord like no other and she singlehandedly annihilates the Kingsmen destroying their leadership, their establishments and all their agents except Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) who have miraculous escapes. Eggsy and Marlin now travel to America to solicit the help of Statesman, an organization built on the same line as the Kingsman. Poppy, on the other hand, has released a deadly pathogen through her drug supplies and is holding the whole world as hostage. What she wants is legalization of dope and dropping of all charges against her for an antidote to her deadly drugs. What happens next makes up the narrative of this film.

The brilliant action, cinematography, VFX, and editing

This is the second film in a row that I have seen which has really blown my mind in terms of visuals and cinematography. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is lush, colorful and vibrant. If that was not enough it has some of the most innovative and imaginative camera work that I have seen in recent times. The camera work during the action sequences, especially the one-on-many combats made popular by its predecessor is thrilling. The action unfolds at an extraordinary pace and yet we miss nothing. The editing in these sequences is also brilliant and it is so in most of the film.

Perfect balance between seriousness and comedy

The film is able to strike a harmony between the comic dialogs and the onscreen loses of major characters. Yes! The film has major characters dying. People, we came to love and adore from the previous film die and yet somehow we do not come out of the film morose. It is just too crazy and out of the world to upset you. Just as likable characters die in here, some who we thought were dead come back. You already know that Harry Hart makes a return. Well! There is one more character returning from the first film who has a major beef with Eggsy.

The performances are spot on   

There isn’t a single performance in this film that is not good. Julianne Moore can be touted as weak baddy as she never leaves her sanctuary and is finally overpowered by the Kingsmen but she is just so annoying that you really really want her dead. It takes real power to be so annoying and Moore does that wonderfully. Taron Egerton gives another sublime performance as the protagonist Eggsy. He doesn’t forget to be humane and the scenes where he is nearly in tears adds a lot of credibility to the film and his performance too. Colin Firth is wonderful as Harry Hart. He rocks in the action sequences and coming out of a difficult situation, his mental state results in some hilarious moments. Mark Strong as Merlin is great.

The Oberyn Effect 

Remember Pedro Pascal, the man who played Oberyn Martell in the Game of Thrones? The dude who got his head squashed by the mountain in one of the biggest shocks of the series. Yes! The same guy from Narcos. He is brilliant here. I am in awe of the swagger and the style that he brings to his character of Whiskey. Every time he is on screen, he takes away the thunder from men like Firth and Egerton. He even outshines Channing Tatum who himself has a smallish role laced with style. If not anything, just look out for him in the action sequences using his Lasso.

Finding some substance in the middle of madness

While the film is mayhem in terms of content, it does feel cohesive and never lets you slip. As an audience, you have to process a lot of things and subplots before the director brings it all together and ties it all off in the climax. Now that something that had to be done properly or else the whole film would have crumbled. Thankfully Matthew Vaughn proves to be equal to the task. He also keeps it simple enough for one and all to understand and yet ties in a lot of stuff to justify the rather long runtime of 2 hours 21 minutes.

Overall, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is an outrageous entertainer that will get under your skin. You will have a great time no matter what your inclination of movie genres are. This one is a crowd pleaser and it knows exactly how to do that. One can even watch it twice to soak in all the visuals and actions.

Rating : 3.75/5 (3.75 out of 5 Stars)


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