A Gentleman is a very generic and done to death film but what makes it enjoyable are the performances by its leading pair and also the manner in which the story is approached. There is no novelty here in the approach of the director for those who have come up on Hollywood staple as we have seen nearly all variations of the doppelganger or the reincarnation take on a story and hence there is nothing new that Bollywood can actually come up with. However, as far as this film is concerned, they keep the matter under wraps and interesting at least till the interval which makes the film enjoyable. Once the revelations are made the comedy and action take over.

I cannot get into reviewing this film without giving some major spoilers and hence, I request all those who haven’t seen this film to watch it first and then come back to this review. Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra) is a go by the rules guy living in Miami. He has a regular job, a dream house, a minivan and a girl that he would like to propose one day and have as his girlfriend. Rishi (Sidharth Malhotra) is an assassin working for Colonel (Sunil Shetty) as part of a team involved in questionable assignments across the world. He believes that he is serving his country. However, things take a turn for the worse when Rishi wants to get out of the team and Gaurav is sent to India to complete a project. Their paths cross and all hell breaks loose.

The USP of the film is in the fact that Rishi and Gaurav are the same. While the story is shown unraveling side by side, the time frames are different and this is made clear by the interval point. From this point on, Colonel and his team are shown gunning for Gaurav again once he is discovered in India after a fateful accident. Rishi who had for so long pretended to be the squeaky-clean sanskari guy is now forced to do everything that he is least excepted to do. There is a lot of comedy coming out of his sudden role reversal especially in front of his girl who had always seen him to be this utterly safe guy. Her shock and awe at his histrionics entertain us to the fullest.

The action is very well done. I have to admit that one could easily see a nudge or two to the widely famous Bourne series in the action sequences but the similarities were negligible. The moves are fast, the editing is crisp and cinematography is envisioned in a manner that will put you in the best seat to enjoy the action. It can also be said that Sidharth Malhotra moves like a boss in the action sequences. He has the kind of physicality and moves to make the action sequences feel real and effective.

Speaking of Sidharth Malhotra, he is able to create two different personas for the two versions of the same character that he plays and it’s a laudable performance from his part. I always found him to be expressionless and I never believed he could show the kind of range that he does here. Comedy is a difficult thing to do and I believe it is even tougher when it is situational and subtle. Sidharth does really well to extract some genuine laughs in the company of Jacqueline Fernandez who plays his girlfriend. There is a scene in a bar where he has to seduce a gay guy in order to replicate his phone. This sequence is hilarious.

Jacqueline Fernandez does a great job too. She not only looks pretty but also turns in a hilarious act which is totally believable. She gets better in the second half as she learns more and more about the man she thought for so long to be safe. Sunil Shetty has a smallish role and I have no major complaints from him even though he plays himself with no variations. Darshan Kumaar, the nefarious villain from NH10 as Yakub is passable. I just hoped there was more to his role than just huffing and puffing but sadly enough there isn’t.

A Gentleman is an entertaining affair if you like action-comedies and are not into using your head too much. It is a totally miss-able film but at the same time, if you watch it you will not hate it and it could prove to be surprisingly entertaining if your expectations are low.

Rating : 2.5/5 (2.5 out of 5 Stars)  

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