I generally don’t do trailer reviews but some trailers are so insanely good that it cannot be left alone without a word or two. One such trailer is that of the recently released “Avengers: Infinity War”. Marvel has made 14 films till date and each of these films in some way or the other has been a step towards the Infinity War which is going to unite every hero that we have been introduced to till now in their films and will pit them all against the mighty “Thanos”.

I believe by now most of you have seen this trailer and what I am about to write here is what I feel about the story and the trailer in itself. These are my views and they may be right or wrong as the film is not out yet and we never know where we are going to get. So here it goes.

Thanos has the infinity gauntlet (which is the golden gloves like metallic thing that he is shown wearing) and he has two infinity stones too. One of it he might get from Loki and the other he will extract from Vision. Putting most of the speculations to rest, the trailer proves that Thanos will have to fight the Avengers to get to each of the stones unlike what many believed that he will have all the stones in his gauntlet when he arrives on earth.

The fight against Thanos seems to be in many prongs. Black Panther and his army, Captain America, Bucky, Hulk and a few more Avengers are leading a ground battle against hordes of creatures that I am not sure what they are. Ironman goes head-on with Thanos (the Hulk Buster armor will return) and gets knocked down, Spider-man is there too but it will be difficult to say what his part will be but he is wearing the new suit that he was given by Ironman when he was called in to be part of the Avengers but he refused. Does that mean that he will join the Avengers after all?

Vision is shown in a human avatar and he seems to be falling for Wanda Aka the Scarlet Witch. I feel that Iron Man and Doctor Strange will team up to complete a specific against Thanos. Captain America is back and boy he is looking great in that bearded look and just before the trailer gets over, we get a glimpse of Thor teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. So it could be the case that the first installment of the film will deal with the infinity stones on or around the earth and the second installment will be about the stones not on earth and will involve the Guardians of the Galaxy more. All speculations though.

One thing is clear from the trailer and that is that both the infinity war films will concentrate on Thanos going for the Infinity Stones and the Avengers trying to thwart him. Maybe by the second part, he will have all the stones and that will lead to a  mega battle but as far as the first part is concerned he seems to have just two. the CGI on Thanos is great. Unlike the lame and poorly done Steppenwolf in the recent Justice League movie, This CGI Thanos seems like the kind of character that I can hate. If the CGI on the trailer is this good, I believe that the rendering in the film will be even better.

The background score and the colors are the highlights of the trailer. The colors are rich and the background score is rousing. It is no wonder that Marvel is going all out into this film and it shows that they have learned from their previous mistakes and are trying to correct them, atheist, visually and aesthetically. Whichever way the two films take the storyline, I strongly feel that the two films will be a treat in every way.

Rating : 5/5 (5 out of 5 Stars)

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