AKSAR 2 (2017)

I watched Aksar 2 because literally, I had nothing else to do. Being in a town that isn’t exactly bubbling with social activities and not wanting to stay inside a hotel room for another second, I decided to re-visit a theater that I had fond memories of as a kid. The Oriental Cinema of Silchar is a ghost of its glorious past now. This was the theater where I saw Ram Gopal Verma’s Daud with my elder brother when he was a student in Silchar Medical College and I was visiting him for my vacation. The theater in those days was one of the three theaters in the town and it was one of the two most popular, the other being Devdoot which is now a shopping mall.

I wanted to re-visit my old memories more than seeing this film and that’s what made me go for this film. The theater, apparently hasn’t seen fresh paint since I had last visited it and it still has a mono sound system. I watched an evening show which had about 10 people. Thus it isn’t long before it douses its light too, falling prey to the diminishing charm of the single screens and also the inabilities of the owners to renovate these theaters.

Coming back to the film, Aksar 2 is a terrible film that doesn’t deserve a view. It was marketed as this sex-venture which was wrapped in intrigue and surprises when the fact of the matter is it is neither sexy nor intriguing. The plot, if one cares to call it that revolves around a millionaire old lady Dolly Khambatta (Lillete Dubey) who gets a new maid in the form of Sheena Roy (Zareen Khan). However, the man who introduced her to her employer and also recommended her candidature has plans for her and forces her to sleep with him. Sheena has a boyfriend but she hasn’t revealed that as the job entails her to be single. Soon people start showing their true colors and the matter turns worse resulting in deaths.

In the name of sex, the film has three songs that has Zareen Khan hissing and curling around two appropriately well-toned men. There are some lip locks but they have no sensuality or allure associated with them. There isn’t even much skin show and the director leaves it all to our imagination but without giving us the fodder to start that imagination process. Zareen Khan is a pretty face, I have to give her that, but an utter lack of acting range really makes the matter worse for her. She is also not able to strike an instant chemistry with the men she is involved with and that leaves us cold and dry.

The story of the film is a mishmash of different successful and unsuccessful thrillers. You can basically predict every turn of event and they are revealed at such a leisurely pace that the film’s narrative after a point starts testing your patience more than intriguing you to a semblance of the storyline. The tale also doesn’t make any sense. This isn’t the kind of film that can say that “I am like this, I am over the top, I am meaningless”. Here the story is as such that it had to make complete sense. It had to be believable to make any impact. Sadly it isn’t. The story, in fact, becomes uproariously funny towards the end. Some major characters do some atrociously funny stuff that will make you go ROFL. Also, the motive of each of the characters is strangely confused.

The third and final nail in the coffin was the performances. Zareen is svelte, voluptuous and pouty but that’s it and sadly it isn’t enough. Gautam Rode is the only actor whose performance can be deemed OK. S. Sreesanth is a pain for the eyes. Why on earth could he not remain hidden from the camera? Mohit Madaan is equally cringe inducing. Lillete Dubey as Dolly Khambatta is bearable but her character has no merit.

Overall, Aksar 2 is a terrible film that has nothing that it promised. It’s the kind of film that shouldn’t be made in the first place leave alone make a mark. Stay clear of this one.

Rating : 1.5/5 (1.5 out of 5 Stars)


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