When there is a list of the best films, there must also be one of the weakest ones. This is the kind of list that attracts the most abuses and I know what I am about to write will not go down too well with ardent fans of the films that are about to be mentioned. But that is not going to deter me from writing my mind and I know there will be quite a few who will totally agree with me.

I must also make it clear that I haven’t included films that I don’t consider worthy enough to be a part of this list as the films mentioned here are films to start with while the ones that I left out cannot be called one. Films like the farces of Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim or Govinda’s comeback vehicle Aa Gaya Hero. Hence the ones mentioned here are the ones that I had expectations from but let me down terribly. It also includes some that I expected to be bad but turned out to be worse.

I would also like to reiterate the fact that these are my personal views and you may or may not agree with the list. Neither do these views diminish the status or success of a particular film nor does it aim to insult its makers. It’s good if you liked these films, but I didn’t. Let’s start with my picks.

10. Tubelight: One of the biggest films of the year and the one that I had high hopes on. Tubelight turned out to be an over-long, boring and uninspiring film that neither made me emotional nor made me stand up and take notice of the performances. The only thing that it made me do was to check my watch zillion times and then dash for the door, the moment the credits started rolling.

9. Munna Michael: Nawazuddin was great and every time he appeared on screen the film became a new beast altogether but then there was also Tiger Shroff and that new girl whose name I didn’t care to remember. This is a pathetic film that tries to be an action film and a dance drama at the same time but ends up being neither. If it wasn’t for Nawaz, I would walk out of it within 20 minutes.

8. Golmaal Again: I am a huge fan of the Golmaal franchise. I loved every other Golmaal film uptill this one and you can find their reviews on my blog. But this film turned out to be such an unfunny and forced experience that I was left dumbstruck. Golmaal films had the power to tickle even the dead but this one lacked every defining factor of the previous Golmaal films. Add to that a loud and jarring Prakash Raj and an equally irritating Neil Nitin Mukesh and you have a complete disaster on your hands.

7. Baadshaho: The Baadshaho trailer looked superb and I love heist films but this one quickly fizzled into a bottle of cola without the fizz. Ajay looked haggard and sleepwalked though a film that needed his trademark charisma and urgency. Emraan Hashmi’s “Sar se Pau tak Sona hi Sona Hoon” dialog was cringeworthy enough to merit a walkout and so was his performance. The rest of it is not even worth a mention.

6. Jab Harry Met Sejal: directed by Imtiaz Ali and starring SRK and Anushka, this film reeked of bad luck from the time it’s very first promo was aired. Something felt odd about it and when it actually came out, people tweeted and asked Sushma Swaraj for help to be rescued from theaters. What more need I say about this one? The whole film is basically an all-expenses-paid foreign trip for SRK and Anushka in which they allowed a cameraman to capture them doing stuff that didn’t make any sense.

5. Raabta: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and George R.R. Martin would hang themselves if they saw what Bollywood made of their beloved Dothrakis in Raabta. Another re-incarnation drama gone terribly wrong. Add to that Sushant Singh Rajput’s worst performance of his career and Kriti Sanon complementing him scene for scene and you get the picture. And don’t forget the torturous song and dance routines.

4. Ok Jaanu: A typical Shraddha Kapoor – Aditya Roy Kapoor fare that tries to look and act ultra-modern but ends up being the same sanskari film that it was always ill-fated to be. Its yawn inducing pace and utter lack of anything novel makes it one of the biggest duds of the year.

3. Aksar 2: let’s face it guys and gals, our generation cannot be titillized by Bollywood. Certainly not by films like Aksar 2 that tries to be bold and sexy but is too afraid to go the distance. We already have our hands and mouth full of Hollywood who often dare to bare it all. What chance does Zareen Khan have under that sort of a situation? And when you don’t have a semblance of intrigue or for that matter a shred of credibility in the performances in a film that is supposedly a thriller, the film is bound to sink without a trace. That’s what happened with Aksar 2.

2. Julie 2: Julie was a non-starter from the beginning. The fact that it is plain out boring and has practically no star with any sort of pull only made the matter worse. Add to that terrible performances and cringe-worthy material and you have a film that is destined to be doomed. Even the ogglers stayed out of this one.

1. Tera Intezaar: Easily the worst film of the year and maybe the worst film of all times. Everything fell apart in this travesty. Be it the performances (if at all you can call it that), the maddening visual effects, the speed or the proceedings, the film proves to be a kick in the nuts in every department. It is a film that at many junctures felt unfinished going by the manner it is presented.



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  1. Manisn says:

    Fuck u for including golmaal mother fucker u need to suck a dick for this blunder


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