• Release Date: 7/12/2018
  • Cast: Utkal Hazowary, Kenny Basumatary, Poonam Gurung, Montu Deuri, Eepsita Hazarika, Bibhash Sinha
  • Director: Kenny Deuri Basumatary

Suspended Inspector Boro chronicles the journey of Inspector Boro (Utkal Hazowary) who is called out of suspension, unofficially, to track down a missing girl by his superior officer. As Boro dwells deeper and deeper into the mystery of the missing girl, he comes face to face with Lokkhi Modon Jwala, a corrupt police officer who runs a flourishing human trafficking and flesh trading business under the guise of running a lodge.

I have been a fan of the Local Kungfu series. The second installment, in particular, was hilarious. I laughed my heart out all throughout that film and a major reason for that was the mannerism and socio-cultural understanding of the exact point that the characters were driving at. Suspended Inspector Boro may be a totally different film but the indelible charm and grasp of the local influence find its way into the narrative and treatment which not only tickled my funny bones every now and then but also made the drama very relatable.

Here is a film that is at heart a whodunit (or where is she) thriller and a really good one at that. The film has a simplistic story but engrosses its viewers from the get-go with nuanced approach to the material. I loved the manner in which Kenny Deuri Basumatary handled the story. Very little is known about the girl once the basic premise is set and he makes it a point to introduce a lot of character who we believe might have been responsible for the disappearance. He also ensures that the audience along with Boro is hooked in to try and solve the mystery themselves which would inturn ensures that they are invested in the screenplay.

We all know that the forte of Kenny DB and his team is their martial art but they do not go bang! at the slightest pretext here. On the contrary, this is a much more subdued film in terms of action and the fights happen organically only when the situation demands it. This goes down a long way into making the film that much more realistic and believable. However, when the action does break out, it is fantastic. There is a sense of physicality about the action that is hard to find these days in Bollywood, thanks to all the larger than life portrayal of the heroes. This is an example of how best to shoot and edit a hand to hand combat scenes. There are just enough cuts to convey a sense of speed and physicality, just enough slow-motion sequences to highlight a certain aspect of the action and the camera is lurking at the right angles to put the audience in the best seat to experience the mayhem. Bollywood could easily take a leaf or two out of Kenny DB and team’s book.

However, the best thing about Suspended Inspector Boro is its performances. Utkal Hazowary leads from the front playing the deadpan and intimidating Boro with such a terrific sense of comic timing and aloof charm that he is hard not to love. It has to be agreed that the character of Boro is perfectly suited for him and his features and he takes utmost advantage of being on that line. Not only is he electric in the action sequences but he also does exceptionally well in the dramatic bits. He never gets over-dramatic neither does he underplay the character. Suffice is to say that he is perfect.

Kenny Deuri Basumatary as the antagonist is quirky. Going by the trailer, I thought that he might play an overtly serious villain here but that is not the case. However, his comic timing with Boro is so much in sync and he plays the comedy-card so subtly that it never liquidates the overall serious mood and feel of the narrative. It might have been an interesting experience to see him in an out-an-out serious role but I equally enjoyed his turn here.

One complain though would be for the fact that he should have been a tad bit more imposing and threatening in his action sequences as well as the dramatic sequences with Hazowary. He never really threatened Inspector Boro.

Poonam Gurung has a small role but she extracts enough care for her character for us to care. Without that, this whole film would have fallen flat on its face. Assam’s very own Tony Jaa, Montu Deuri is menacing as the henchman who seriously gives Boro a run for his money. I loved his brooding act. Eepsita Hazarika is apt in a role that demanded control and she is in perfect sync. Bibhash Sinha is adorable in every Local Kung Fu film and he is no different here. His presence itself is enough to make me chuckle and I say that in the best possible sense. I would love to see him in a lot many roles in the future.

Suspended Inspector Boro is technically ages ahead of its predecessors. Apart from an abrupt beginning which I believe could have been better rolled out, the editing, cinematography, background score and sound editing are flawless. The subtitling was a stickler and should be done better as the lines were too long for someone who doesn’t understand Assamese to get around and make sense of, leave alone concentrate on the teleplay. If this film is to be sent out of Assam, the subtitling will hamper its chances of reaching a larger audience.

I had a great time with Suspended Inspector Boro. It’s a film that is conscious of what it sets out to do and achieves it with gusto. The fact that it is so well acted and engrossing is an added advantage to its already exciting forte which is the martial art. Kenny DB and his team have created a film with modest means that prove that if he had the right backing he would make far better films than what we are served month after month in the name of magnum opus. It’s high time people took notice of this man and his band of willful craftsmen who refuse to tap out.

Rating: 4/5 (4 out of 5 Stars)    



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