Reading is in every eventuality just as important for a film critic as it for him/her to watch films in the first place. The chances of you picking up subtle nuances and points about a particular film that someone else might have found out but you might have missed is huge. Over the last 2 months, I’ve been reading extensively on Hindi Cinema and it is then that I realized how much I have missed out on from the Cinema of my own country. I came to know about films like Mr. Sampat, an obscure satirical comedy that is as much a commentary on our daily life as it was a reflection on the means to survive for the street smart with not that many opportunities. I learned about Haasil, a film that brought Irrfan to the limelight. My interest was quipped to watch films like Majboor, Shaan, Trisul, and many more. Thus it became imperative for me to share this treasure trove of newfound knowledge and wisdom with my reader.

This page will be dedicated to providing direct links to film reviews that I did as a result of reading books, periodicals, articles on cinema. The Source from which I came to know about the films that inspired me to revisit a particular film will be mentioned along with hyperlinks to directly access the films that were mentioned in that particular source. It will take some time to fully realize the potential of this page but I have to start somewhere and this is probably the best place to. Happy Reading.