In the year 2005 I landed my hands on a book called The Bill James Handbook: 2005, which talked about, baseball strategies, player projections and above all it talked about runs. I could make out very little out of it and instead went for an illustrated book on soccer. But now after having seen Moneyball, I know atleast a wi bit of what that book was about. Moneyball is one of those few movies which talks about the management of  a Baseball Team. The emphasis here is about the management instead of  what is happening on field. There is very little action on field and most of the drama unfoalds in the board rooms and in the manager’s office.

Based on the rue story of the exploits the Oakland A’s and their manager Billy Beane(Brad Pitt), Moneyball packs a punch. After a heartbreaking loss at the championship and loosing three key players in Damon, Giambi and Isrenhaus, Billy Beane is trying to rebuild is team from a managers prespective by buying off key players but he is plagued by shortage of funds and a rather indifferent board who hardly agree with his point of view. A chance encounter with Peter Brandt(Jonah Hill), a player analyst changes everything. Billy gets a new direction at doing his job by cutting down on various biases and concentrating on mathematical and performence traits of player in choosing them. He is introduced to a number of player who the world didnt know exsisted and billy huddles up this island of misfits to create a championship team which goes on to achieve feats that was unheard of before. On the way Billy encounters, a constantly defying coach Art Howe( Philip Seymore Hoffman) and a hostile media who see stupidity in every decision of his. He is also constantly trying to strike a chord with his daughter who is his sole pillar of strength.

Moneyball works wonderfully well on varied lvels. First up it is decently entertainig . the movie will keep you engrossed  all the way through. there is so much happening that anyone with or without interest in baseball will find it a mouthfull. The facts are put up in a easy to understand way. i have practically no idea about baseball and yet I understood almost 70% of the terms used and what was happeing out theere. This goes on to prove the potency of the directory and the whole team who has dared to take up a subject which could have gone wrong very easily if not dealt with properly. The performences serve as a perfect icing on a already delicious cake. Brad Pitt is a embodiment of  charecter and gritt which goes on a long way to match the charecteristics of Billy Beane. Every scene that he is a part of which is almost the whole movie, demands attention. One would be also taken into the almost hillarious interactions between him and Jonah Hill and Hoffman for that matter. The way he immitate Hoffman’s walk in a scene is a laugh out loud sequence. Jonah Hill has been doing great things over the years and this movie will go down a long way to establish him in the big league. Philip Seymore Hoffman is just apt for the role.

Final words, Moneyball is an amazing watch and it has the potential to be watched again and again.


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