eagoler-chokh-3Ebar Shabor was a wonderful film. I adored it. It had the same kind of feeling that tends to accompany the Byomkesh Bakshi and Feluda films. It just went one level up by having the story unfold in modern day Kolkata. The mystery that it had on offer was also deliciously intricate and the film remains unpredictable till the very end. With Eagoler Chokh, the director Arindam Sil has done one better. He has delicately interwoven at least three stories into one and cooked up a king sized mystery. The film started off on the right foot by unveiling a trailer that gave nothing away but quipped your interest for the film. That’s very rarely the case these days.

I would like to put forth the basic plot points without spoiling anything for you all. The film eagoler-chokh-4starts with two people breaking and entering a house, shooting a girl and when another girl, living in the same house shoots back at them, they also put a bullet in her. We come to know that the house belonged to a person called Bishan and the woman killed was his wife’s friend who was living with them for purposes of a joint business. The other girl was his wife. She was left in a coma after the incident. Shabor Dasgupta is brought into the case by another officer and as he starts peeling off the layer from the case a story of abuse, passion and lost faith arises out of the mess. The big question, however, remains whether the incident was a robbery gone wrong or was it a pre-planned murder.

eagoler-chokh-2The investigation is made so interesting and intriguing that you will be glued to the screen. The film gives every character in the film a reason to have committed the crime and that really elevates the tale. This was one of those rare films where I couldn’t put my finger on the culprit. As the story progresses new revelations are made that keeps taking the story in different directions. Shabor Dasgupta himself is dealing with a psychological problem this time. In a manner reminiscent of Sherlock, he is able to recreate crime scenes and imagine exactly what might have happened on a given situation. Even though we have seen that trick before, it was used well in this film. It never for once felt out of place.

The film is dripping with sexuality. Even though nothing much happens on screen, there are eagoler-chokh-1innumerable references to innuendos and encounters that add meaning and motive to the story. The highly charged sexual undercurrents help make matters even more complicated. As was the case with Ebar Shabor, Eagoler Chokh too has given a lot of importance to the female characters and how they use their sexuality as means to forward their wish fulfillments. The character of Bishan is not only intense but also somewhat funny. He was allegedly abused as a fifteen-year-old by a woman 10 years older than him. He keeps whining about that incident all throughout the film. What is funny is the fact that in today’s time 15-year-olds fantasies having a relation with older women. Thus that was the only part that felt a little out of place. Sans the whining and his multiple and highly unnecessary sexual submissions, the character of Bishan was spot on.

eagoler-chokh-1Every female character in the film is either vicious or on the threshold of being vicious. They all have one thing in common. They have all tried to sleep with Bishan. This fact creates quite a ruckus in the plot and makes it intriguing to uncover the truth behind the murders. The film is well shot and perfectly edited. Even though there are very few action sequences, the story never for once stagnates or feels dialog heavy. The proceedings are brisk and the charisma of the leading cast members helps to keep matters breezy. Saswata is brilliant as always. One can watch this film to enjoy his act alone. His performance this time is a lot more vulnerable as he finds himself in a spot of bother too both mentally and challenged by an intricate mystery that even he finds difficult to negate.  However, the sense of humor and the one-liners are all there. Anirban Bhattacharjee is occasionally funny but still does a very good job. He strikes a great chemistry with Saswata’s Shabor. The three major female characters are played wonderfully by Joya Ahsan, Payel Sarkar and Riya Banik. Arunima Ghosh glitters in a smallish role.

Overall, Eagoler Chock is superbly entertaining and highly intriguing. Arindam Sil has made another wonderfully crafted and endlessly amusing whodunit thriller. This is the kind of film that can be watched and re-watched multiple times thanks to its content, performances and thrills. Don’t miss this film.

Rating: 3.5/5 (3.5 out of 5 Stars)


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