7 KHOON MAAF (2011)

Its been a while since I wrote a review for a Hindi film. Frankly speaking I haven’t found any movie worth watching and then writing a review about. But after I sat through 7 Khoon Maaf, I couldn’t help but accept the fact that it was a nice bit of film-making which was not only worth the time and the price of admission but also was important enough to write about.

The story revolves around Suzanna (Priyanka Chopra), the daughter of a millionaire who has seven or should I say six fateful trysts with destiny. An experience which would change her, twist her and finally, question the very fabric of her life, relationships and above all love and marriage. The movie starts with her marriage to major Edwin (Neil Nitin Mukesh), an army officer who is overtly possessive, boring and cruel. Having made to marry such a person, Suzanna is gasping for some fresh air when Edwin dies in a fateful accident. Enter Jimmy (John Abraham), a pseudo rock star who sweeps Suzanna of her feet in a ziffy. But as faith would would have it, he is consumed by drug abuse and in no time ends up in a coffin. Suzanna goes off in search of herself and true love and ends up in the arms of Mohammad Wassiulla Khan (Irfan Khan), an Urdu poet. Little does she know that the tender and compassionate poet is actually a sick and pervasive animal in the bed. After his death, Suzanna returns to her native place and falls for a  Nicolas Vronsky, totally oblivious of the fact that he is already married and that too with two children. Vronsky dies soon after in an accident and Suzanna is charged for it. The ensuing investigation brings her close to inspector Keemat Lal (Annu Kapoor). Keemat dies as well and Suzanna contemplates suicide, but is saved by Dr. Modhushudan Torofdar(Naseeruddin Shah), a naturalistic doctor who is after Suzanna’s property.

As is with most Vishal Bharadwaj films, there is hardly any dull moment. The story sweeps and curls at such a pace that we are thoroughly engrossed. The performances are another huge plus. Each and every member of the ensemble cast fit their roles to perfection and the way I looked at it, there was hardly anyone better for the roles that I could think of. That is how potent their power of performances was. Priyanka’s character has a huge arch as she lives through six husbands and an unnoticed lover to finally find peace with none other but God. Contrary to what critics had to say, I loved her act and the film as a whole.

The music is yet another huge plus. Songs like “Darling” and “O Mama” linger in our thoughts long after the screening is complete. The cinematography is top notch and the costumes authentic. Final words, 7 Khoon Maaf is a compelling fare.  If you have a taste for “Hatke” stuff taking a departure from the usual song, dance, action, romance routine of Bollywood then this is the film for you.



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